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Circular testing excuses for swt-gtk and swingwt

I am trying to help move swt-gtk into testing. The excuses [1] for
swingwt, which depends on swt-gtk, says...

* swingwt is waiting for swt-gtk
	* Updating swt-gtk makes 2 depending packages uninstallable on arm:
libswingwt0, swingwt-demo

These excuses seem to be circular between swingwt and swt-gtk. Why
does updating swt-gtk make swingwt uninstallable on arm? ARM is up to
date with swt-gtk 3.1-2 and swingwt 0.87-2.

To aggravate the matter, swingwt is failing to build on three architectures:
	alpha: unmet dependencies: libswt-gtk-3.1 (= 3.0+3.1M4-5)
	hppa: gcj 4.0.1 ICE (internal compiler error)
	sparc: unmet dependencies: libswt-gtk-3.1 (= 3.1-1)

Both alpha and sparc have now built libswt-gtk-3.1 (= 3.1-2), so those
two unmet dependencies errors should go away I hope.

Buildds are near magic to me; I am constantly in awe. I'm unable to
differentiate the transient that will resolve themselves in a week or
two from the permanent errors.


[1] http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/testing.pl?package=swt-gtk

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