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Please have a look guys

Please have a look at this guys.
I am working on this document still need alot of work tell me what you think.
"Employees of Lonmin Platinum ("Lonplats") are not authorised to conclude
electronic transactions or to enter into electronic agreements on behalf
of Lonplats. Any electronic signature (other than an advanced electronic
signature as defined in the Electronic Communications and Transactions
Act of 2003) added to a data message (such as an email or an attachement
to an (email) ostensibly on behalf of Lonplats by a Lonplats employee shall
not be legally binding on Lonplats and Lonplats shall incur no liability of
any nature whatsoever, directly or indirectly, arisingg from such act on the
part of it's employee. It is further recorded that nothing (other than an
advanced electronic signature) inserted into any data message
emanating from Lonplats shall be construed as constituting an electronic

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