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Re: i386-uclibc debian

On Wednesday 28 September 2005 18:12, Daniel Ruoso wrote:
> I'm interested in maintaining a i386-uclibc architecture, which is, like
> the name says, i386 binaries linked with uClibc. My plans are:

> 1) Build all the packages used by debootstrap to generate a basedebs.tgz
> 2) Certify this basedebs works with a fresh instalation.
> 3) Start building a incresing number of packages, but certainly only a
> small subset of the i386 architecture.

Similar thing was already done for woody, so you may not have to start from


> The i386 packages won't be compatible with my i386-uclibc environment
> (as I won't have glibc installed). So I started calling the architecture
> i386-uclibc with gnu name i386-uclibc-linux. And I'd like to ask: Is it
> OK?

The naming might need some adjusting, and you may have to maintain it for 
quite a while under unofficial banner, but I think the idea is great.

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