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Re: Easy third-party package installer for debian-based distributions

Hi, Sami:

El Domingo, 18 Septiembre 2005 23:22, Sami Dalouche escribió:
> OK, may be an overkill.
> But what happens with your solution if skype depends on libskype, which is
> not available from debian's repository ?The user has to download several
> .debs in order to install a single software ?

There's a current functional solution: it is not giving Joe Average a Deb 
package, but a new deb line for her /etc/apt/sources.list file.  After that, 
installing Skype is just a matter of the user typing apt-get install skype 
(or double-clicking using her apt GUI of choice).

Only other requirement is for (in this case) Skype developers to know how to 
deploy a deb repository.

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