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Re: mass bug filing on packages that are blocking use of cdebconf

* Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> [2005-09-26 19:57]:
> Joey Hess wrote:
>> Just a reminder that these maintainers still have packages that depend
>> on debconf by itself without an alternate dependency on | debconf-2.0.
>> As I mentioned in my original post, I plan to file bugs on all of these
>> soon, which, omitting all the lg-issue* packages, comes to about 550
>> bugs.
> (Original post here:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2005/08/msg00136.html)
> This is your third and final reminder. I count 542 packages remaining,
> down only 9 from last month. I assume most of the people below do not
> read debian-devel, so I've taken the librerty of BCCing you all. :-P

 I wonder why you didn't sent it to debian-devel-announce then? This is
where this really belongs, not? This is what the list is for, not?

 So long,
Alfie [doing his updates]
P.S.: Yes, you are right. I ceaced to read debian-devel for quite a
      while due to the sheer mass of noise ratio. So Cc: me on replies
      that you think might be interesting to me, too. Honor the
      Mail-Followup-To: header.
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