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Re: Easy third-party package installer for debian-based distributions

Le dimanche 18 septembre 2005 à 22:47 +0200, Sami Dalouche a écrit :
> Let's take, for example, Skype's example. It is not available in
> non-free/universe , but some people may still be interested in downloading it,
> be they linux experts or not. So what happens on a Debian/Ubuntu/MEPIS/whatever
> box ? Average joe downloads the "Debian package" available on skype's website,
> and clicks on it (I believe it is possible to install a deb by double-clicking
> on it, right ?). Then, libqt is not installed, so it complains. End of the
> game, "linux sucks, I can't even install skype on it".
> OK, joe should be taught to use apt-get, etc, but we are in the real world, so
> it is not possible. What about the following scenario :
> - Joe downloads a .mdeb (meta-deb) package on skype's website.
> - Joe double clicks on it, some progress bar appears
> - Few seconds after, skype is installed, great !

This is complete overkill. The only thing currently missing in your
scenario is support in apt-get and synaptic for grabbing dependencies
for a single binary package. E.g. "apt-get install foo.deb" or "synaptic
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