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Re: Bug#329955: ITP: biloba -- A 2-4 players strategic game

"Thomas Petazzoni" <thomas.petazzoni@enix.org> wrote in message [🔎] 43366D91.9020408@enix.org">news:[🔎] 43366D91.9020408@enix.org...

The rules in english are understandable. I would suggest the following changes though:
Use 'capture' instead of take when refering to taking an oppenent's pawn.
Change 'do a take' to 'capture'.
Change 'taken out of the game' to 'removed from the game'.
I've included these, and perhaps one or two other minor tweeks in the copy below.

Once you have perfected the rules i suggest submitting the english version for inclusion upstream. Also consider updating the included manpage to use the new description, rather than the old one.

I find it odd that the comments and strings in the code are in English, but upstreams site is french only. Can you explain that?

Here is the file with my reccomended changes, so that anybody else can comment:

Eliminate opponents' pawns.


You may move one square at a time, in any direction.

You may jump over any single pawn, but not backwards.
[Rule question: You can move backwards, but not jump bakwards?]

To capture an opponent's pawn, frame it with two of your pawns on a
horizontal, vertical or diagonal axis.  The pawn is then removed from
the game and replaced by one of the two pawns that captured it.

If multiple opponent pawns are captured in the same turn, remove them
from the board before the replacement.

The pawn capture is mandatory and unlimited.

If you must capture an opponent's pawn at the beginning of your turn,
you must remove it, do the replacement, and end your turn.

If you must capture an opponent's pawn while it's not your turn (when
playing with more than 2 players), you must wait your turn, then capture
if it's still possible.

Your turn ends when you complete all your captures and replacements.


The special square, located at the centre of the board, allows to
slide to one of the seven free squares around it.

You cannot stay on the special square.  You cannot enter or leave the
special square by jumping over a pawn.


The winner is the last player left with at least three pawns.

Once a player only has two pawns on the board, if those pawns can't
immediately capture other pawns, that player is eliminated from the game
and the two pawns are removed.  If the player can capture without moving,
there's a tie.
[Rule question: If player one has ten pawns, and player 2 has two pawns, but those two are placed to capture one of player one's pawns, then there is a tie? or is it only a tie if player one had 3 pawns, so the capture would result in 2 vs. 2?]

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