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Re: Bug#329955: ITP: biloba -- A 2-4 players strategic game


Peter Samuelson a écrit :

> What sort of game is biloba?  The above description tells us almost
> nothing - basically it is an "abstract strategic game", which really
> could mean anything.  Is it turn-based?  Pen-and-paper-like?  Arcade
> elements?  What proportions of motor skills, mental skills and blind
> chance?  (Those are basics, which still wouldn't really go far enough
> to explain whether I'd want to install it.)

Yes, biloba is a turn-based game. It's played around an hexagonal game
plate. Each player has a certain number of pawns, and the goal is to
eliminate the pawns of the other players. Each player plays one after
the other. During each turn, one player can move one of its pawn against
some rules, and in certain conditions, the player can take one of the
other players pawns.

The rules are not yet translated into english, but I'm willing to do so.
I will include RULES.fr and RULES.en files in the documentation. My work
on this package is available from
https://ssl.bulix.org/svn/thomas/debian/biloba/ (usable with


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