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Bug#329966: RFH: lib{glib, gtk2, gnome2}*-perl -- Perl interfaces to the Gtk and Gnome libraries

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal


I'd like to continue maintaining the Gtk2-Perl packages (including the
Gnome bindings) in a team, possibly in an alioth project. I haven't
been able to invest much time into them in the last few months, so new
upstream releases needed a few weeks and the last two FTBFS bugs (for
libgtk2-perl and libgstreamer-perl) haven't received any attention from
me, which is a good sign that I need help for the packages.

I also haven't had the time to create new projects based on these nice
libraries, so I'm increasingly out of date with regard to changes in the

Though I don't have that much free time, I would definitely have the
time to sponsor a non-DD who wants to help to maintain the packages.

I'll spare you the usual description blob, as long as you're using
something newer than woody, apt-cache show for libgnome2-gconf-perl,
libgnome2-vfs-perl, libgtk2-perl, libgtk2-traymanager-perl, libglib-perl,
libgnome2-perl, libgnome2-wnck-perl, libgtk2-spell-perl, 
libgnome2-canvas-perl, libgnome2-print-perl, libgtk2-gladexml-perl
and libgtk2-trayicon-perl should give you all information you need.


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