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Re: How can I build a package from source that require the source of another (library) package?

Le samedi 17 septembre 2005 à 06:36 -0500, Bill Allombert a écrit :
> On Fri, Sep 16, 2005 at 09:34:30PM +0200, Tomas Fasth wrote:
> > Pathan is a library that implements XPath functionality in c++. It
> > is available both as a separate tarball as well as bundled with the
> > Berkeley DB XML sources provided by Sleepycat Software. The pathan
> > build script require a path to the xerces source code tree. I have
> > tried to find a way to build the pathan library without providing
> > the xerces source but failed.
> find out exactly the files in the xerces sources that are needed
> to build Pathan (using strace, etc.). Change xerces26-dev to include
> these files so that you can just build-dep on xerces26-dev. Then try to
> help upstream to reduce the source dependency.

I guess this is still a bad idea. If these symbols are not part of the
public API, you should never rely on them, as there's a possibility for
xerces26-dev to stop providing them, or to change them, later.
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