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Re: Build-Depend'ing on libasound2-dev just for Linux

Josselin Mouette a écrit :
Le jeudi 15 septembre 2005 à 20:16 +0200, Aurelien Jarno a écrit :

type-handling is ugly and should be considered as deprecated. It will be replaced in the future by a the support of build-dependencies like [linux-any]. I hope the support will appear soon there (the patch to support that is in the BTS).

If support for it is in etch's dpkg, we will be able to use it *after
the etch release*. The policy has always been to require only dpkg
features from the previous stable release.

I hope that what you are saying does not apply to dpkg-dev, as I was actually speaking about that one (dpkg being the source package). That's why I think it should be possible to add this functionality to the etch's dpkg. The packages using it just have to declare a versioned build-dependency on the corresponding dpkg-dev.

But if what you said is really true, that means we have hundred of packages fucked in etch, all the ones that use the new dpkg-architecture functionalities.

Please also don't switch your package to type handling, and wait for the new dpkg, as it violates the new Debian Policy, which says that you should not change the build-depencies at build-time.

Of course, using type-handling for generating a control file in the
clean target is a crazy idea. The sane way to use it is:
Build-Depends: libasound2-dev | not+linux

It is maybe a crazy idea, but it is the only one that work. What you suggest simply doesn't work, as not+linux is a provided package, and the autobuilders are not able to see it. In short a package with such a build-dependency will FTBFS on non linux architectures, if built by an autobuilder.


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