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Re: Build-Depend'ing on libasound2-dev just for Linux

Kevin B. McCarty a écrit :
David Nusinow wrote:

On Thu, Sep 15, 2005 at 01:13:14PM -0230, Lawrence Williams wrote:

I seen an example of a possible choice in xorg-x11 packages that Build-Dep on linux-kernel-headers, but I wasn't sure if I should follow their example:

linux-kernel-headers (>= 2.6.13+0rc3-1.1) [!hurd-i386 !netbsd-i386 !kfreebsd-i386]

In Debian, does this prevent it from building on anything other than Linux??

This was the goal of the line you mention. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of
any sort of simple test like "linux-kernel-headers (>=foo) [linux]" in
dpkg, so I had to explicitly remove non-linux ports from the requirement.

Doesn't the type-handling package do what you guys are looking for?
Looks like it needs to be used somehow in combination with sed and a
debian/control.in file, perhaps in "debian/rules clean"...

type-handling is ugly and should be considered as deprecated. It will be replaced in the future by a the support of build-dependencies like [linux-any]. I hope the support will appear soon there (the patch to support that is in the BTS).

Please also don't switch your package to type handling, and wait for the new dpkg, as it violates the new Debian Policy, which says that you should not change the build-depencies at build-time.


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