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Re: It is 23:53, do you know whether your package (un)installs cleanly?

su, 2005-09-04 kello 11:32 -0400, Joey Hess kirjoitti:
> Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> > That's what I wanted to say, but, alas, it doesn't work. debootstrap
> > fails to create an etch or sid chroot for me at the moment.
> It does if you run it with --resolve-deps.

Indeed it does. Mea culpa. I have now made piuparts add --resolve-deps
to the debootstrap invocation, so hopefully things will work better in
the future. This is included in version 0.9, making it's way into
incoming right now.

I'm beginning to think that I should stop analyzing each piuparts
failure myself, and file bugs as appropriate, and just publish the logs
and mail -devel with a list of failed packages, in the hope that this
will attract enough attention by package maintainers. I could then use
my time more efficiently on other things. After all, I'm hoping to get
package maintainers run piuparts as part of their quality assurance
before they upload.

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