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Unnecessary "Conflicts" with imap-server packages

Hi there,

Is it necessary for the following packages to "Conflict" with the
virtual package "imap-server":

  cyrus-imapd        (*)
  cyrus21-imapd      (*)
  mailutils-imap4d   (*)
  uw-imapd           (*)

For example, I recently moved from "uw-imapd" to "dovecot-imapd", but
found it difficult to setup a testing environment where both IMAP
daemons were installed, as uw-imapd conflicted with imap-server, which
was provided by dovecot-imapd.

Such testing is obviously necessary and it would be good if there was a
way in which it could be more easily supported!

In the case of packages that launch their imap daemons via inetd (marked
with "*" above), there may be a Debian Policy justification[1] for both
providing and conflicting with 'imap-server'.

However, if a piece of software cannot be immediately functional upon
installation it doesn't mean that one shouldn't be able to install it at
all!  :)

My humbly proposed fix: remove the "Conflicts: imap-server" from these
packages, and make the postinst / init scripts more robust to the
failure mode where an imap-server is already running / listed in


p.s. thanks to Fabio Tranchitella for his help in this matter with
respect to the dovecot-imapd package, and relevant Debian Policy, in bug

[1] http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html#s-conflicts

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