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Re: WebSVN of svn.debian.org uses wrong encoding

Quoting Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl>:
> WebSVN does not know about the contents of files in the repository period.


> As it is just a frontend to svn, you cannot expect it to know about every
> weird file format and encoding around.


> IMO, the main purpose of websvn is to be able to view diffs in _code_ and
> maybe download individual files.

I handle documentation like code :-)

> For everything else, use svn itself and work with its files in their
> proper environment.

Not all of "my" translators are easy with svn command line.  WebSVN
would be helpful, so they see, whether I did my homework and checked
in their latest changes correctly.  Could be useful for d-i, too.

> If you really want to file a bug about it, the Tech Support Tracking
> System for project alioth on alioth is probably your best bet, but I
> doubt that is really useful.

I did this anyway :-)

> Food for endless flames^Wdiscussions.

As nearly everything :-(

Cheers, WB

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