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Re: Will the amd64 port be rejected because of the 98% rule?

On Monday 22 August 2005 12.17, Andreas Jochens wrote:
> On 05-Aug-22 11:48, Andreas Barth wrote:
> > * Andreas Jochens (aj@andaco.de) [050822 11:36]:

> > > If not, what does the 98% rule really mean?
> >
> > "Your port needs to be able to and does build the vast majority of the
> > archive before we consider it fitting for release." That there are more
> This is of course a fully reasonable requirement. I hope that the final
> policy will use these words instead of the "98% rule" which will likely
> cause misunderstandings.


Generally, Debian needs  a *lot* more
#include <common-sense>
in all these things.  Debian is run by humans, and the rules that Debian 
runs on constantly change.  Trying to fix these rules down to the last 
corner case that might happen once in a decade just doesn't make sense.  
Deal with these corner cases when they come - yes, there will be flamewars, 
but at least they'll have some reason and not be silly endless 
purely-theoretical debates like we're having now.

-- vbi

Das Geheimnis des Könnens liegt im Wollen.
		-- Guiseppe Mazzini

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