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Re: Will the amd64 port be rejected because of the 98% rule?

* Andreas Jochens (aj@andaco.de) [050822 11:36]:
> I understand that the amd64 port has to be recompiled for the
> final inclusion into the official archive because the current amd64
> packages have not been built by DDs. But currently more than 10% of
> the unmodified source packages from 'unstable' FTBFS. It will likely 
> take many months, if not years, for amd64 to get anywhere near to the 
> requested 98% mark again.

Come one. Packages which are known as buggy (= have FTBFS RC-bugs) are
of course counted as, well, buggy. Though of course our hope is that the
number of such packages goes down, both by removals and bug fixing.

> If not, what does the 98% rule really mean? 

"Your port needs to be able to and does build the vast majority of the
archive before we consider it fitting for release." That there are more
tough times like now when toolchain changes are happening is known and
will be not counted negative for an architecture, except of course, if
the toolchain-breakage is arch-specific.


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