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Re: vancouver revisited

> > Trivial. debootstrap does that. 
> Debootstrap is not an installer, in very much the same way that tar
> isn't, either.

They both are. They can install debian, so it's an installer.

> > > - security team, DSA, and release team must not veto inclusion
> > 
> > Arbitrary veto power. This requirement is unacceptable for me. Noone
> > should be allowed to just ignore other peoples work within the project.
> This is one argument I do have sympathy for. In fact, I went to that
> meeting with the exact same thought.
> The thing is, however, that you're dealing with a madman scenario:
> you're afraid that one day, a member of one of the above teams will go
> crazy and declare that they don't like this person that works on a port,
> or just that port entirely. Or, less extreme, you're afraid that a
> member of the above teams will make a judgement error and veto a port
> for bogus reasons.

Rules don't work for madman scenarios anyway, so the rule is useless and
should not be there.


Peter (p2).

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