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Re: vancouver revisited

On Monday 22 August 2005 11.25, Peter 'p2' De Schrijver wrote:

[ the 'must have a working installer' requirement ]

> > > Trivial. debootstrap does that.
> >
> > Debootstrap is not an installer, in very much the same way that tar
> > isn't, either.
> They both are. They can install debian, so it's an installer.

This is getting silly.  I think nobody debates the fact that some CPUs never 
had any PC-style machines made and are targetted at the embedded market - 
yet a Debian port may still make sense.

So can we just rephrase the 'working installer' bit and call it 
'well-documented, working and supported (by Debian's documentation etc.) 
installation method'?  If a populer CPU evaluation board ships on a PCI 
card, installing Debian on that board using some kind of firmware-uploader 
from a host computer is the sensible thing to do - the important things are
 - that the end result is a Debian system (i.e. working package management)
 - that I can sensibly bootstrap such a system from source in the Debian 
archive (not 'somebody has hand-crafted a firmware image for that board, so 
take that and go from there').

-- vbi

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