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Re: Results of the meeting in Helsinki about the Vancouver proposal

On Sun, 2005-08-21 at 19:55 +0200, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> Jonas Smedegaard a écrit :
> > Currently, sponsored packages are only signed, not built, by official
> > Debian Developers.
> > 
> > Is that intended to change, or is it a typo in the proposal?
> > 
> I don't know what is the rule but personnally, I never upload a package 
> I haven't build, I rebuild all packages I sponsor. I hope others 
> developers do the same.
 I do rebuild them and more on this that I download the .orig.tar.gz for
myself from the official upstream location and check the diff ofcourse.
This may sound paranoid, but this is me.

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