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Re: shouldn't I use update-alternatives for this?

Scripsit "W. Borgert" <debacle@debian.org>

> Either rename the executable to /usr/bin/git-the-scm (or
> whatever) or conflict with the other git.

Conflicting is Not An Option. So policy says, for good reasons.

> Or ask the other git people to rename their binary.  Maybe
> git-the-scm is (or will be) in wider use than git-the-shell, so it
> might be OK to rename the more "obscure" executable.

There is precedence to consider. Sarge already contains a git package
that provides /usr/bin/git. Users who update from sarge to etch would
not be served well if the software they are used to suddenly changes
name just to accommodate a newcomer.

OTOH, cogito is not in sarge; there are no prior user expectations
about what its command name should be.

Henning Makholm                                      "Punctuation, is? fun!"

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