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Re: shouldn't I use update-alternatives for this?

Quoting Sebastian Kuzminsky <seb@highlab.com>:
> I've pushed the "rename it upstream" idea on the upstream maintainers
> twice now and it gets shut down by both Linus (the original author)
> and Junio (the current maintainer). [2]

There is still the option to rename it for Debian only,
without changing it upstream.  Not really nice, but
possible and used in the past, IIRC.

> Qingning Huo suggested using diversions to make /usr/bin/git a little
> selector script that lets the admin & user choose between git-the-shell
> and git-the-scm.  This sounds good to me, who objects?

Aarrgghh! :-) That's what alternatives are for and people
already objected for good reasons.  Please not.

Either rename the executable to /usr/bin/git-the-scm (or
whatever) or conflict with the other git.  Or ask the
other git people to rename their binary.  Maybe git-the-scm
is (or will be) in wider use than git-the-shell, so it
might be OK to rename the more "obscure" executable.

Cheers, WB

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