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Re: Alioth Project Denied

Raphaël Hertzog wrote:
Le dimanche 07 août 2005 à 11:31 +0200, Ondrej Sury a écrit :


I have submitted new upstream project, since I am author of mod_vhost_ldap :-(. Who I should contact about this issue?


If you could state that while requesting the project, it would simplify
the work of everyone...

You're one line description wasn't enough ... so I googled for this
module and found this :

And you're not listed there... so I supposed that you wanted to package
that for Debian.

Now, explains me the situation and I'll reactivate the project once I
understand why there needs to be a savannah and an alioth project for
the same thing.


Thanks for clarification.

That savannah project is some 3 years old perl code not actively developed. I can choose some other name, but mod_vhost_ldap seemed to be ok, it was created because all existing modules which base vhost from ldap was not sufficient for my need, so I wrote new one using mod_ldap for caching.


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