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Re: curl reverts to openssl (but the story does not ends here)

On Sat, 06 Aug 2005 the mental interface of
Domenico Andreoli told:

> reopen 318590
> thanks
> hi dear developers,
>   it looks like i completely underestimated the transition of curl
>   to gnutls [0]. so i have just made a new upload which settles
>   the things back to openssl.

Bad idea to switch to ssl only :(

> i don't want to start any transition right now, also because
> upstream developer made me note that the gnutls support is still
> young.

But still works ;-)

> these are bad news for those gpl packages waiting for libcurl with
> no openssl. they will have to wait a little more. i'm sorry for
> this.

It is quit easy to create separated gnutls-packages.

> in talking about the solution IMHO things get hotter.


> probably the next simpler solution is to add libcurl3-gnutls and,
> if required, libcurl3-gnutls-dev packages. but somebody could
> prefer a -nossl version (like that still in woody, the one i
> should have never removed).

Readd it!

> i continue to think that having only a curl+gnutls package is the
> long term solution but i'll be glad to hear also your opinion and
> suggestions. [1]

Should be short term. As mentioned many times before, do it ;-)

> [1] yes, recently a thread talked right about curl and openssl vs.
>     gnutls, but evidently i didn't see what i call a general
>     consensus.

IMHO provide both, ssl and gnutls.

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