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curl reverts to openssl (but the story does not ends here)

reopen 318590

hi dear developers,

  it looks like i completely underestimated the transition of curl to
gnutls [0]. so i have just made a new upload which settles the things
back to openssl.

i don't want to start any transition right now, also because upstream
developer made me note that the gnutls support is still young.

these are bad news for those gpl packages waiting for libcurl with no
openssl. they will have to wait a little more. i'm sorry for this.

in talking about the solution IMHO things get hotter.

probably the next simpler solution is to add libcurl3-gnutls and,
if required, libcurl3-gnutls-dev packages. but somebody could prefer
a -nossl version (like that still in woody, the one i should have
never removed).

BTW what about gssapi support? kerberos or heimdal?

hmmm... there is smell of combinatorial explosion. debian is about
choice, not explosions, isn't it? how much it is for choice and how
much is for explosions?

i continue to think that having only a curl+gnutls package is the
long term solution but i'll be glad to hear also your opinion and
suggestions. [1]

thank you

[0] probably because i never wanted to start such transition. my hope
    was to (ingenuously) hide the change within the curl build process.

[1] yes, recently a thread talked right about curl and openssl vs. gnutls,
    but evidently i didn't see what i call a general consensus.

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