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packaging for multiple JDKs


I am currently working on bug #234048 to package Bouncy Castle Crypto, a
Java implementation of various cryptographic algorithms, for Debian. My
previous post about issues I have encountered went unanswered:


My primary dilema is this:

Bouncy Castle has a binary release for every JDK from 1.0 to 1.5, and
J2ME. I had been planning to create a separate binary package for each
JDK, but was unable to find any precedent for doing something like this
in Java. It seems that most Java packages outright depend on a specific
JDK, and make no effort to be backwards compatible.

This issue is further complicated by the fact that increasing JDK
requirements are also associated with a decreasing ability on my part to
build the Debian packages using free Java tools. For example, with no
extra work on my part, I was able to build all releases from JDK 1.0 up
to 1.2, but I have not yet managed to succesfully build versions 1.3 to
1.5 using free tools.

Have other packages had to deal with similar issues? How would you
recommend that I approach this dilema?


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