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Re: fresh blood gets congested: long way to become DD

On Tue, August 2, 2005 13:11, Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt wrote:
>> - a good review by an existing developer (advocate)
> It would be nice if all advocates would actually check that the
> applicant is apt to become a developer: The high number of rejections
> (by the AM) shows that this doesn't work.

This is more of an education question then: how do we make sure advocates
know what they're doing? Maybe an advocate has to give some "proof", e.g.
"I've co-maintained package x with this candidate for months and he did a
good job" or "I've sponsored quite some uploads and all these packages
were well done". Is there feedback provided to those advocates who approve
bad prospects?

>> - an assurance from a person very experienced with Debian and with
>> handling new developers
> Right, because all AMs are very experienced with new developers, as they
> have all processed like 20 applicants or so in 4 months.

I don't see how you can think that I ever claimed that.

>> Well, I could understand that it's desired to have one last check by a
>> third person at the end of the whole process. But why do the FD and DAM
>> have to check separately?
> Because the FD checks that the report is formally OK (and also gives a
> bit of feedback to the AM and applicant), while the DAM checks from a
> "Do we want to give a security hole to this applicant" point of view.

I don't see how this explains that these tasks can't be done by a single
group of people. If you're checking a report out, you could either check
some points and leave other points to be checked by another part of the
process, or just check the whole thing at once. The last one makes more
sense to me.

>> And why is approval by DAM not equal to account creation? It seems to me
>> that the account creation step could be fully automated: checking the
>> box
>> "approved by DAM" could trigger an insert into the LDAP database thereby
>> creating the account.
> (1) Account creation needs a bit more than that, as the applicant's key
>     needs to be added to the keyring
> (2) WTF? You want to give LDAP write access to a PHP script?

You don't have to give the script write access to accomplish that. You
could also use a pull system that periodically (nightly?) checks which new
developers have been approved and add them from that side.

And even then, appearently the DAM works like this: I approve person X,
let's check his box, but I'll add the account at some point later on (this
takes weeks on average). When you check the box you might add the account
aswell when you're at it, right?

Or what about this: as DAM, I've checked his application, everything OK,
so I create the account. The NM-system will then show DAM-approved for
this candidate.


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