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Re: fresh blood gets congested: long way to become DD

> > Then I would say it might make sense to send an announcement to any
> > DD with experience over X month and Y packages maintained if they
> > want to be just considered for AM process.
> Right, because *new* developers have no idea about the NM process and
> just need the reminder that it exists to jump up and help.  Sorry, the
> whole thing doesn't work this way: You need to invest a lot of time
> into AM work, so you need to care about it. Just asking every new
> developer will not help.
I'm sorry to clarify myself. I gratefully respect time spent by any DD
working on the project and tenfold time of any AM interfacing with NM --
NMs (like me probably :-)) can be "pain in the butt" to deal with.

I was talking about X>=12 and Y>=5 which wouldn't name any
such developer as *new* under my classification.  My idea is just to
delegate AM duties to the DDs mature enough and able/willing to help.

Then all of the AMs who has the ability to perform AM duties and who are
for some probably truly respectful reason are having 0 NM assigned with
more than 50 NMs in the queue wouldn't look a bit awkward.
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