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Re: Packages descriptions review


>  Someone suggested an announcement should be sent to
> > d-d-a. What do you think ?
> Yes, go to it and find some reviewer.

Will do...

> Maybe you should add a 'get a random Description' link on your Page...

I'm not sure it would be very good, because it's better to review
related packages together. It's however true that it could probably make
the whole stuff more attractive.

> and you should add some 'send the new description to the BTS'
> After the two reviewer write a new/better/improved/... description,
> the new description should be send to the BTS as minor bug.

Yes. Actually (I now detailed this on the wiki page), what I tought
could be done is to make available a public patch repository and
announce it soundly. What we can hope is that maintainers will use these
patches, making a bug report useless. Of course, after a few weeks, we
would file bugs.



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