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Packages descriptions review


Following the recent discussion about packages descriptions (see
http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2005/07/msg01074.html and later),
and based on Lars Wirzenius' idea, I started working on preparing a
general review of all package descriptions.

This of course represents quite a large amount of work, and the more
people are helping, the faster and better it will be carried out !

A web page has been set up on the Debian wiki :

If you would like to help, please add yourself on this page (and maybe
drop me a mail).

As explained on the wiki page, a web interface has been created to
centralize all reviews. It is now working (though it still needs
improvement and reporting capabilities) and available at
Please play with it and report any problem / requests you might have
before we start the actual work.

The wiki page currently lists a number of traditional problems of the
descriptions that reviewers should be aware of. Feel free to complete or
improve this list. I tried to sum up the discussion about the technical
details and not make it too controversial, if you think more discussion
is needed, please do it on the list, not on the wiki.

Thanks for your help (well, I hope so),

Clément Stenac

PS: it might not be necessary to keep -qa Cced on answers

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