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Re: skills of developers


> > You claim that if someone spends just as much time translating Debian as
> > someone else does on packaging software, the first one shouldn't become a
> > DD and the second one does? I disagree firmly.
> Packaging is the essential work and everyone involved into Debian must
> be able to do the basic things. You don't go to military just to sit
> around and do office work - everyone has to go trough basic training.
I disagree. Maintaining the webpages, doing translations and stuff like
this is of equal importance to the project. If you hire a Web Designer
for your software producing company, you don't require him to have
programming abilities?
Thats what division of labour is all about.

> > (and can demonstrate this in a variety of ways, including a debian.org
> > email address). And that you can influence its direction when there's a
> Aha, that's what it is all about. Demonstrate the "beeing a VIP".
No, not VIP. Its about feeling to be a part of the project, its about
being able to "influence its direction when there's a vote up". Would
you ever feel a real citizen of a state if you were not allowed to vote?

> The outcome of the votes mostly affects... whom? Right, the packagers,
> or at least people that know what it is all about. For the same reasons
> Debian policy is not written by lawyers or philosophers.
The outcome affects the project. I think translators, webpage
maintainers and others are part of the project.

Ben (who is no Debian Developer himself and hates to do documenting and

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