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Re: skills of developers

Hi Bartosz,

On Fri, 2005-07-15 at 01:52 +0200, Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo wrote:
> What are the required skills of the
> developers/developers-to-be?
 Skip, as we both passed the NM process.

> should everyone be able to maintain every package on the world?
 No, packaging is not just put the right files to the correct place
thing. You/we often should make changes to the source to make it
compile, further develop upstream (like the kernel-source or what
Siggy and a bit me was doing with MailMan, etc). Changes sometimes
also required to make the depends optional and/or chooseable.
(Bug-)Reporters may submit patches, that you should read and approve
or reject, etc. Last but not least you should know how to configure
a package, how to make transitions from one version to an other if
it needs configuration/data upgrade.
Packaging is not just packaging, see that some packages have a team
to do it right, because one person just can't do it.

> To be honest I intended to join Debian project mainly to work on
> documentation/translation efforts.
 Yes, I have asked you back then that you are going to be a Debian
_Developer_ when the only thing you want to do is documentation and

>  I was HIGHLY SURPRISED that my
> application manager (greetings to him) asked me how to create Debian
> package. For Christ's sake who the f*** I am to know about it if I'm going
> only to translate some stupid documents huh?
 Debian _Developer_. You can translate documents, submit then against
the package as patch for example. You can even join to the translation
Have you seen http://www.debian.org/intl/l10n/ for example? I think
yes, as you are involved according to
There are mailing lists even:
Also, general documentation needs translators as well:
There are some Polish done, but others may accept help as well.

> I'll be never good programmer and I'm aware of it. Knowing C and knowing
> C can be two different things.
 Yup, and knowing C and Ada can be an other kind of different things.

> In sum. Maybe it's time to create additional positions in Debian project?
 There are already differences, maybe not like you 'proposed', but for
example _no-one_ should be a DD to make translations. So I think the
very first thing a translator should do is to join his/her tranlation
team and/or maillist and offer help. DD as the name suggests is a

> I suppose we're going to have flamewar here as usual, so please... oh
> nevermind :P
 It was my first and only shot. I do not know how I got your mail even,
as I am not on debian-devel@ anymore. Thus I don't think I will get
the replies even, will read archives.


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