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Re: skills of developers

On Fri, July 15, 2005 02:36, Laszlo Boszormenyi wrote:
>  Debian _Developer_. You can translate documents, submit then against
> the package as patch for example. You can even join to the translation
> teams.

You claim that if someone spends just as much time translating Debian as
someone else does on packaging software, the first one shouldn't become a
DD and the second one does? I disagree firmly.

Being an official DD is more than just technical: access to the archive
and machines. It means that you're officially affiliated with the project
(and can demonstrate this in a variety of ways, including a debian.org
email address). And that you can influence its direction when there's a
vote up. I don't see why packagers should and translators shouldn't be
allowed to vote if they invest the same amount of time.

Your "you can submit patches as a translator" goes just as well for
packagers; anyone can get a package in through a sponsor.

I do disagree with the original poster though: there's already enough
structure in Debian. To prevent problems like with the quoted "zoo"
maintainer who doesn't know C, you should be more careful who maintains
which package. But this is common sense, and should not need to be solved
by creating more different positions.


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