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Re: shared library -dev package naming proposal


Thanks for your input.

> > Having a solid naming scheme will allow me to
> > 
> > ldd /usr/lib/libwhatever.so to track down its
> > shared library dependency, and appending "-dev" 
> > to individual package to create the list of 
> > requisite -dev packages.
> If this is actually necessary for libtool-using packages, then write
> something which goes through all of the .la files and does this, since
> that's what libtool wants to do.


> Errr, you still havn't said what problem you're trying to solve 
> with this yet.

1. To derive dependency information from libtool-using packages,
  it is currently possible to derive lists of shared library packages.

2. In general, there is a leap in shared library packages and -dev package,
  and it's not possible to get a -dev package which is for a given
  shared library package.

I envision that it would be nice to be able to agree on some kind of 
naming style so that it is possible to deduce the name of development
 library in some mechanical manner. It's not just because of autogenerating
-dev dependencies, but about usability of Debian as a Development 
platform :

$ objdump -p /usr/lib/libshared.so | sed -n 's/^ *SONAME *//p' | sed 's/\(0-9\)\.so\./\1/; s/\.so\.//; s/$/-dev/'

An alternate solution is to have a database for that kind of thing, 
but I forsee that it requires effort to maintain and keep up-to-date.
It's rather embarassing to know that Debian isn't organized at all in this


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