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Build-Depends: libfoo-dev more susceptible to breaking (Re: shared library -dev package naming proposal)


> > BTW, having Build-Depends: libfoo-dev in 
> > a library's build-deps, will allow the developer
> > to overlook a soname change in depending shared library.
> > Which is a bad idea in the QA standpoint.
> Yes and no.
> The programer can overlook the soname change for the source. The API
> hasn't changed and nothing needs to adjust for the new soname.
> The packaging system won't let the binary forget the soname change
> though as that is part of the package name of the libary. Binaries
> will keep using the old lib till they are recompiled.

I'm talking about the following case:

1. libA depends on libB1, but only build-depends on libB-dev
2. libB1 changes to be libB2.
3. libA is rebuilt with libB2 without maintainer noticing (could happen 
  on buildd, etc.), possibly creating a noncompatible interface.

It would be a practical case especially when libB1, libB2 are not 
using versioned symbols.


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