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Re: shared library -dev package naming proposal


> > There may be other showstoppers.
> What does doing this solve?  What does it even help with?

Hmmm... we are talking about naming
Debian development shareed library package names based on 
Debian runtime shared library package names.

> > I would really like this 10-year old non-regulation to 
> > go to a concensus (it is indeed rather embarassing we don't 
> > agree on a good solution after 10 years...)
> non-regulation?  What non-regulation?  What regulation?  Indeed, I'm not
> sure there *isn't* majority agreement- it's just that you're in the
> minority...  That doesn't a concensus make, but, well, you'd have to
> change your mind and you don't seem too keen on doing that..
> The only good solution is to not let people who don't know how to handle
> API and ABI changes and understand SONAMEs and how loaders and symbols
> work to write libraries.

This is not a relevant point, since I'm talking about the 
Debian packaging, not how upstream should code.


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