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Re: interacting with the press

On Wed, July 13, 2005 04:04, Nigel Jones wrote:
>> Or, should you find the demands on your time too pressing, why not use
>> this opportunity to step-aside as the Debian press contact.
> Love the pun, but IMHO he does a good job.

I do not - while I don't want to judge Joey's skills, for me it's a given
that both the following statements hold: Joey is the only person in the
press team, and the press team does not function well. I don't think he's
incompetent, probably it's out of a lack of time, but the press function
can be performed way better than it is now.

Why? Some concerns:
- The Debian press contact does not even list phone numbers, just an
anonymous email address (See www.debian.org -> contact us). I find that to
be very unprofessional and something that should be changed in order to be
a serious point of contact for the press.

- A lot of the bad press about security was based about dubious
information from blogs and other gossip. An early press release from
Debian with the facts could have gotten out a whole lot more balanced
view. The first statement from Debian about security was released when
everything was solved, i.e. way too late.

- There have not been many interesting press releases in the past year.
What about a news item about a big German city adopting Debian? Tell the
world about secure APT. Branden Robinson as the new DPL is also not
news-worthy appearently.

I've already offered to take part in changing this situation.


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