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interacting with the press

Hi Martin,

I just read this article[1] in the SMH.  I think there are a few points that 
you should keep when talking to the press in future:

	- don't "slag" them off / don't complain aobut the press

	- Just talk about Debian, unless explicitly asked for comments
	on other things (i.e. Ubuntu). 

In particular, it is obvious to me that you have not taken into account
the size or audience of the paper. It is (probably) the most widely read
paper in Australia and most of your comments have just given people a
negative impression of Debian.

Perhaps, with the funds being held for us by SPI, it would be useful to
arrange for you to have a 'refresher' course in dealing with the media.

Or, should you find the demands on your time too pressing, why not use
this opportunity to step-aside as the Debian press contact.


[1]: <URL: http://smh.com.au/news/breaking/debian-debates-support-for-ports/2005/07/12/1120934228145.html>

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