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Re: Shared library versioning

* Alexis.Papadopoulos@imag.fr (Alexis.Papadopoulos@imag.fr) wrote:
> Well I did say that : "The .h file has to include the .cc one in order for the
> compilation to work."
> Now if you decide to leave the code that I put into g.cc only the .h file, it
> works too...

The template class has to actually be included, and so really becomes
part of the API...  I'd be curious if it'd be possible to change the
template class itself in such a way as to make it not be ABI-compatible
with the actual .so...

> > Yes, so the ABI doesn't change in this case.
> It doesn't, and the modification isn't very important so it isn't a problem. But
> that was only an example, but the body of g can be modified in a way where it
> could lead to a failure (because of the use of templates), therefore the SONAME
> muste be changed so as to force usage of the new library.

Alright, how about you provide an example of this...?



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