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Re: Shared library versioning

Thanks for that one,

the thing is that the upstream author is using libtool which has a somehow "special" versioning method. Apparently when the library's interface changes in a way backwards-compatibility is broken, the major (what they call current) version must be incremented.

I will have to discuss this with him because it means that some changes have to made. But isn't this versioning issue a headache ? I mean, if your sources compile a library and some binaries linked against it, you have to maintain 2 version informations : the sources' version and the library's one. Up until now the upstream author simply used a VERSION file that was incremented "automagically" before CVS commit. Now he must to keep a second version info for the library that he must supervise manually in case of backwards-incompatibility...

Anyway, I will have to see with him in order to find a solution because I think that having a (in libtool's vocabulary) current version of 513 isn't really acceptable...

Alexis Papadopoulos

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