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Re: Shared library versioning

* Alexis.Papadopoulos@imag.fr (Alexis.Papadopoulos@imag.fr) wrote:
> > That's almost certainly a terrible idea.
> I somehow expected that might come up. I didn't fell to comfortable with this
> idea, but I think there must be another solution than simply doing it "by hand",
> a more "elegant" way.

You can't really automate ABI checking...  You can compare symbols and
whatnot, but that's not enough.

> That's what the upstream author explained me, and that's what I want to find
> out. Two possibilities, either the upstream author has missed something, or
> there is a proper way of dealing with this kind of situation.
> One example that might fail :
> let's say we have a shared library with 2 source files : g.cc and g.h
> g.h :
> template <class T>
> void g (T x);
> g.cc :
> template <class T>
> void g (T x) {
>    cout << x;
> }
> The .h file has to include the .cc one in order for the compilation to work.

Errr...  Wait a minute, how's this supposted to work, exactly?  I think
we may need to see some real code here.  If the .h is including the .cc
then the library doesn't actually need to be linked against anyway...
Let's see a real example where a template class is used and actually
works in a library and then we can talk about it a bit better.



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