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Re: Debian Project Leader report for 2005-07-07

also sprach Branden Robinson / Debian Project Leader <leader@debian.org> [2005.07.07.0836 +0200]:
> The power of the maintainers of the Debian Policy Manual is
> substantial; they have the power to mandate standards of behavior
> for Debian packages, and a significant change to Debian Policy can
> render many packages susceptible to the filing of release-critical
> bug reports (it is a "serious" bug in the parlance of the `Debian
> Bug Tracking System`_ for a package to fail to comply with
> a Policy mandate).

Uh, isn't the Debian policy a document for existing practices,
rather than a vehicle to force maintainers down a certain road?

> On 22 June, one of our host system administrators, James Troup,
> `announced our need for a new hosting site`_ for the machines serving as
> ``ftp-master.debian.org``, which is the central package archive server
> for the Project, and ``db.debian.org``, which houses our LDAP database
> If you can help the Debian Project out in this area, we would
> `appreciate it`_.  Please contact the Debian host system administration
> team at ``debian-admin@lists.debian.org``, and feel free to contact me
> at ``leader@debian.org`` as well.

The ETH Zurich agreed to host one machine. I have sent email to
debian-admin on 27 June, followed by a reminder on 6 July. I have
not heard anything from them. The people at ETH are wondering what's
going on...

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