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Re: Debian Project Leader report for 2005-07-07

martin f krafft wrote:

>Uh, isn't the Debian policy a document for existing practices,
>rather than a vehicle to force maintainers down a certain road?

  "Debian Policy Manual


This manual describes the policy requirements for the Debian GNU/Linux
distribution. This includes the structure and contents of the Debian
archive and several design issues of the operating system, as well as
technical requirements that each package must satisfy to be included in
the distribution."

I guess you were refering to chapter 6 of the Developers Reference,
"Best packaging practices", or something like that. However, the Debian
Policy doesn't state what is supposed to be a good practice but
definitely lays out the borders within which every maintainer has to stay...

Sory that you get the mail twice now, martin, I accidentally sent the first one to you instead of the list -.-

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