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Hosting for Debian machine

On Thursday 07 July 2005 14.13, martin f krafft wrote:
> > If you can help the Debian Project out in this area, we would
> > `appreciate it`_.  Please contact the Debian host system administration
> > team at ``debian-admin@lists.debian.org``, and feel free to contact me
> > at ``leader@debian.org`` as well.
> The ETH Zurich agreed to host one machine. I have sent email to
> debian-admin on 27 June, followed by a reminder on 6 July. I have
> not heard anything from them. The people at ETH are wondering what's
> going on...

Any news on that?

(I'm not involved, but as a ETH alumni, I'm obviously curious. And I just 
wondered if you - Branden - know about this already since madduck didn't cc 
his email to you.)

-- vbi

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