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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

Eric Dorland wrote:
The thread is petering out

Only because there's only one of me, and I'm too busy to deal with the volume! It's currently ten to midnight and I just got back from speaking at a conference in Wolverhampton.

Some very smart developers have come forward to say that trademarks
don't matter with respect to free software.

I'd certainly disagree with that. I'd say they matter very much. I think free software should actively use trademarks for what they are designed for - a mark of quality.

Firefox. There is also very little guidance in what would be
acceptable trademark restrictions for a free software project. I hope
there can still be some dialog within Debian and hopefully come up
with some guidelines that developers can accept.

That would be excellent. I hope that my suggestions for managing the Firefox trademark would be a starting point for those discussions.

So, I don't feel I can accept the agreement offered by the Mozilla
Foundation, because of my objections to it and because I don't feel
empowered to make an agreement like this on behalf of Debian.

If you are not empowered, who is?

If the DPL does not step forward to make some sort of agreement, what
will I do? Renaming seems to be a very unpopular option. So I believe
my best option is to ignore the trademark policy altogether and have
the Mozilla Foundation tell us when they want us to stop using their

Would you adopt a similar attitude to copyright infringement?


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