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Re: Getting rid of circular dependencies

> 1) foo and foo-data. There is usualy no reason for foo-data to depend on
> foo. foo-data does not provide user-visible interface, only data, so it
> does not need to depend on foo.

However, we have some users randomly filing bugs on 
foo-data that doesn't get uninstalled if it's no longer useful.

We need 

1. policy documenting the current decision that foo-data doesn't depend on foo

2. helper information to allow tools like deborphan to work correctly.

> 2) libfoo and foo-bin, where foo-bin include binaries linked with
> libfoo. Usually libfoo only need to Depends on configuration data
> in foo-bin and not on any binaries linked with libfoo (to avoid infinite
> recursion). In that case it should be possible to split foo-bin in
> foo-bin and foo-common, and change libfoo to depend on foo-common
> instead.

I'm rather doubtful it should be easy to fix this situation.
I doubt having configuration data in foo-bin is a good idea,
since it will generally cause problems when
libfoo1/libfoo2 needs to coexist.


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