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Re: Testing package installation, upgrading, and removal

la, 2005-06-18 kello 22:53 -0400, Joey Hess kirjoitti:
> I want to run a test that installs each package in woody in turn,
> upgrades them to sarge, then to sid, then purges it, then looks for
> /usr/doc and /usr/info stuff that is were produced during the package's
> install or upgrade and not removed.

I have now, I think, implemented something for this now. From the manual
page for version 0.5:

 3.     An upgrade test between Debian releases.  This test  is  enabled
        by using the -d option multiple times and disables the other two
        tests. It sets up the chroot with the first distribution  named,
        then  upgrades it to each successive one, and then remembers the
        directory tree state at the end. After this, it starts over with
        the chroot of the first distribution, installs the desired pack‐
        ages (via apt-get),  and  does  the  successive  upgrading  (via
        apt-get  dist-upgrade).  Then,  if  package  files (and not just
        package names) were given on the command line, it installs them.
        Finally,  it reports problems against the state of the directory
        tree at the last distribution compared with  the  state  without
        the  packages having been installed. This test can be quite slow
        to execute.

And the example:

 If  you  want  to  test  that a package installs properly in the stable
 Debian release, then can be upgraded to the testing and  unstable  ver‐
 sions,  and  then uninstalled without problems, you would give the fol‐
 lowing command:

 piuparts -a -d stable -d testing -d unstable foo

Is this what you want?

It's fairly slow for now, but can be made faster (e.g., by saving
tarballs of various phases for later reuse) if it otherwise does what is

The code is at http://liw.iki.fi/liw/download/piuparts-0.5.tar.gz (still
no Debian package, sorry).

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