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Re: Testing package installation, upgrading, and removal

On Thu, Jun 23, 2005 at 02:45:34AM +0300, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> la, 2005-06-18 kello 22:53 -0400, Joey Hess kirjoitti:
> > I want to run a test that installs each package in woody in turn,
> > upgrades them to sarge, then to sid, then purges it, then looks for
> > /usr/doc and /usr/info stuff that is were produced during the package's
> > install or upgrade and not removed.
> I have now, I think, implemented something for this now. From the manual
> page for version 0.5:
>  3.     An upgrade test between Debian releases.  This test  is  enabled
>         by using the -d option multiple times and disables the other two
>         tests. It sets up the chroot with the first distribution  named,
>         then  upgrades it to each successive one, and then remembers the
>         directory tree state at the end. After this, it starts over with
>         the chroot of the first distribution, installs the desired pack???
>         ages (via apt-get),  and  does  the  successive  upgrading  (via
>         apt-get  dist-upgrade).  Then,  if  package  files (and not just

Hi Lars,
A simple question. You mention that you use apt-get in this new testing
environment. Would it be useful to allow an apt-get workalike(dpkg/aptitude/wajig)?
The Sarge release notes mention that woody->sarge upgrade is best done
with aptitude. So if you had tested an woody/stable->sarge/stable, would it
not need to use aptitude as recommended by the release notes? Not sure
if apt-get will be recommended for the next stable upgrade cycle. Is
somebody working on making that so? 
Anyway thanks for the great new testing software.
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