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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

Humberto Massa Guimarães wrote:

Well said. IMHO, no. DFSG #8 -- witch is part of the SC, IIRC --
forbids us to have rights that our users don't have.

No, it doesn't. It says:

The rights attached to the program must not depend on the program's being part of a Debian system. If the program is extracted from Debian and used or distributed without Debian but otherwise within the terms of the program's license, all parties to whom the program is redistributed should have the same rights as those that are granted in conjunction with the Debian system.

Very clearly, DFSG 8 states that you can not have a different set of rights in regard to FireFox when it is distributed as part of Debian vs. when it is not distributed as part of Debian. That's all.

It does /not/ prohibit Debian the organization from having rights that other people don't. It is unreasonable to read it that way, because Debian will *always* have additional rights in some works, for example those which it is author or copyright holder of.

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