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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

1. Completely ignore their Trademark Policy document and let MoFo come
to us if they're not happy with our use of the marks.

2. Rename Firefox and strip all trademarks out.

3. Accept MoFo's offer of Debian-specific trademark usage.

4. Try to negotiate some other arrangement with MoFo.

Why not do a mix of 2 and 3:

- rename all elements that are difficult to change, like package names, or get
from the MoFo a licence that applies downstream (It should be easier, as package
names are a technical details, mostly invisible to the user)

- accept a Debian-specific licence for what can easily be changed

- maintain a build option that would do a full rebranding, and set it as the
default in the debian source, unless the maintainer field is <eric@debian.org>,
or the user overrides the default.

That way, the users won't be put at risk, as they are supposed to change the
maintainer field. They are still free to build the same package as Debian if
they wish.

The biggest annoyance for them will be to change the name of the binary in
scripts, but as we already allow that ... Scripts in Debian, however, should not
rely on the names that may have to be changed.

Just my 2 cents,


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